Monday, July 11, 2011

Last Night...

Do you ever have a night sleep that makes you more exhausted than you were when you went to bed?

Well that is exactly what happened to me last night…in fact I think it has happened to me every night for the past couple weeks. Maybe I have too much on my mind before I hit my blessed pillow but this little trend is starting to get old!

Last night’s dream(s) consisted of driving through Heber with my Grandma, discovering an H&M in the basement of my apartment, washing my hair with whipping cream, my jaw popping out of place in the middle of a church talk, filling my scooter up with ethanol, getting lost on a dirt road overly inhabited by bees, a rough goodbye, and swimming in a lake trying to reach my house that resided in the middle, but never quite making it there. Can I get a dream interpreter please?

And since it came up, can I just say how much I HATE, hate, hate, bees? They are without a doubt one of the worst living things to ever grace this planet.

There is nothing worse than hearing that dreaded “bzzzzz” in the distance. You begin frantically looking around trying to find the source of the sound when all of a sudden the little creature is right in your face. At this point, the natural reaction is to suck in your breathe as fast as you can, maybe making a gasping noise here and there. Then, you BOLT. If you are lucky, the thing will leave you alone. If not, it will chase you until it has forced you back into the indoors where you can watch disdainfully through a pane of glass as the bee buzzes around happily and gloating because it has just won the game.

Okay, maybe I am the only one that reacts that way. But still...

Can't stand them.


  1. Oh my gosh. You are definitely NOT the only one. That is exactly what happens when I see a bee! So glad I'm not alone!

    M loves D

  2. Bumble bees are the worst. And they make you look so stupid to other people that can't see the bee while you run around like a lunatic!