Tuesday, May 10, 2011

An update and a picture (or 10)...

Well it’s been pretty much forever since I last blogged (aka less than 1 week)…it’s about time I got around to an update.

My wonderful roommate Leah had a birthday!! She is now the glorious age of 21…here’s to still not being able drink, woo! We made all sorts of goodies for her partay. Alas, it was a baking wonder that everything we made actually turned out. I didn’t even set the smoke detector off—a miracle indeed.

This may or may not be a double layer, chocolate fudge, strawberry filled cake. yummmm

On Sunday my sister had her senior violin recital. She was incredible as usual, and she even let me play a few songs. And while we’re on the subject of violin, can I just say how much I absolutely love mine? It has been such a blessing in my life and I would be lost without it. Music is a whole other language that lets me speak what words can never express. Thank you to my wonderful mother for putting up with years of the ear splitting practicing that hopefully paid off!

On Monday my brother turned 19! I don’t know how he got to be so old, but I’d sure like a word with time for sneaking up on me like that.Happy Birthday Tys! Love you bud!

Oh and did I mention I finally got to go golfing? Ahhh yes, the beautiful game has been calling my name for quite some time—it felt great to get back out there. Though very rare (for me at least), there is nothing like that beautiful sound when your club connects with the ball perfectly. Ding. Whoooosh. Yes.

Well, now that i got that post out of my system, homework calls (actually, its kind of screaming right now).

Anyone want to write my research paper for me?

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