Thursday, November 8, 2012

my demise

Winter Coat…check




Car Scraper…check

Will power and desire to go outside…uh...mmm…fine. I’ll do it.

That was the mental checklist this morning. After staying in doors for 24 hours while storm Athena ran its course, I finally braced the cold winter weather this morning and am happy to report back that I survived. Barely.

Winter! Ahhhh. When will I ever get used to cold weather? Never I tell you. Call me crazy, but numb fingers and toes, a runny nose, foggy breath, biting air, watering eyes, and whipping wind just don’t seem to tickle my fancy, to say the least. And while I’m having yet another vent session on this blog about my pure and utter detest of winter, can I just say that scraping a car is the absolute worst?? Somehow snow manages to get into the smallest of openings through my many layers of clothes so that not only do I freeze, but I’m wet the rest of the day. Joy. And you all know the moment when you think you've done a superb job of scraping, only to finally climb into the front seat of your car and have a heap of snow land on your lap just before you close the door. Oooooor maybe that only happens to me. But seriously, you think after all this technology and innovation these days they would have come up with something more genius than the average car scraper. Until said invention graces our presence, I guess I will continue to scrape and scrape and scrape—with a few grumbles in between.

So aside from scraping my car this morning, it was a pretty good day consisting of frosted toast crunch (yum), helping my sister with preschool (4 boys=complete chaos), a winter stroll, exercising indoors, a few phone calls, a stop to Trader Joes, and an attempt to be domestic. The key word here is attempt. I decided to try making my mother-in-law’s oh-so-delectable rolls and also to give my new Bosch a whirl. I failed miserably you guys. Unless, that is, you like to eat rolls that weigh100 pounds and double as a weapon. The saddest part of this story though is that I’m not exaggerating for satirical effect. I only speak the truth. But, on the bright side, I now have 3 dozen paperweights to use at my disposal.

Oh the ups and downs of life!!


  1. Hope you get a warm-up fast.

  2. hahahahahaha sister twister you are so funny! always make me laugh. Love you!