Thursday, March 1, 2012


This week we had a lecture in class about fear in the media. And let me tell you something...

I hate scary movies.

There is nothing fun about being on the edge of your seat

Why would i want to be paranoid about taking baths or babysitting?

There is nothing uplifting about creepy music

Even if you do have a cute boy to hold onto, nothing provides enough comfort to keep you from being terrified out of your mind

Why would I want nightmares gracing my dreams on a nightly basis for a month?

Why would i want to jump 5 feet in the air every time i hear a loud noise or a phone ringing?

In what world would I want goosebumps on my arm for 2 hours straight?

Why would i want to watch a movie where my hands have to be in a close enough proximity to cover my eyes in a split second?

Who wants to watch someone hallucinate or get chased or shot or be followed on a dark trail?

Have i made myself clear?


Maybe i just don't like scary movies because I'm not brave enough to handle them...

But either way, i think i will stick with movie genres that don't leave me feeling disturbed for the next decade.


  1. I AGREE Brianna! There is NO reason to watch scary movies - I'd rather be able to sleep at night.

  2. ha! you make me laugh! but i agree with all of those statements. good points sister.