Tuesday, March 6, 2012

gosh i love tuesdays!

I’ve been sitting at work for 7 hours too long…

-Listening to a boy obnoxiously laugh at something that can’t be nearly as funny as he is making it appear

-Stressing about what final classes to take before I, can you believe it, graduate!!!

-Day dreaming about July 14th…129 more days until OBX!

-Blog stalking my favorite cooking blogs drooling over food that my computer screen separates me from

-Taking quizzes…doing horribly on the one I actually studied for and acing the one I didn’t

-Loading paper, checking out laptops, and pretending to know a little something about computers

-Wishing I was in NY to be with my sister when she has her baby tomorrow

-Biting my nails far too short

-Sweating to death because the computer lab decided it wanted to be a sauna today

-And watching the clock slowly but surely move to the glorious number 5 which means I can finally clock out and do something exciting with my day! Oh wait, I have class at 5…sigh.

I never thought I’d say this, but I can’t wait for Chinese food later tonight!

For those who don’t know my feelings about chinese food…click here.

It's a little harsh, i know; but thanks to this charming boy Robert however, my tolerance level is greatly increasing.

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