Monday, June 13, 2011

Today on Campus...

I made a fool of myself while frantically running away from a bee (with a back-pack on, mind you. I submit nobody can run well with a back-pack on). I swear it was chasing me.

I watched a woman pick off all the glaze from her krispy kreme donut. Who does that? If she was worried about calorie intake, purchasing a donut was her first mistake.

I passed someone whistling so loud I could hear him coming from a mile away. Now thanks to him I’ve had some unidentified melody stuck in my head all day.

Have you ever noticed that those I’m-so-happy-and-I’m-going-to-let-everybody-know-it kind of people generally just make the rest of us more annoyed? Why is that?

I felt inspired when my professor said this:

“Too many people want to spend a million dollars rather than earn a million dollars. The poor stay poor by acting rich and the rich stay rich by acting poor”

I learned while perusing Yahoo during work today that the Guinness Book of World Records just declared Junrey Balawing the world’s shortest man. He stands at a whopping 23.5 inches.

Oh, and I attended my LAST classes of the semester! Hurrah!

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  1. haha oh bees...i have been there. you know what else is bad besides freaking out at a bee? running into a spider web and looking like an idiot while frantically trying to get it off of you. super attractive.