Sunday, December 9, 2012

in case you were wondering...

I’m alive!!!!!!!!!

Oh. You weren’t wondering?

Well you probably should have been because this girl just made her first drive to the JFK airport, and barely made it back safely. Whew! This journey--notorious for its crazy traffic, ominous roads, hard to read signs, and chaos in general—trumps all driving experiences (in a bad way) I’ve had in NY thus far and I would be glad if I never had to make the drive over. Well, maybe I’d consider doing it again so long as it wasn't pitch black and dumping rain like it was this time around. Not a good combo.

That being said, before the drive I was an innocent little Utah girl afraid to use the horn. After the drive I can proudly and aggressively say I honked. 3 times! So maybe it was a success after all—I officially feel like a New Yorker.

If you were wondering whom I took to the airport, well, I had the sad misfortune of saying goodbye to my cute husband. He is off to Europe on his first business trip...

I think his mom would agree with me when I say this little boy is growing up too fast! 

Good luck Rob, i'm rooting for you :) 

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  1. I do agree with you -- growing up too fast! I'm so proud of him! Proud of you too for surviving the drive from the airport!! I am sorry it was dark and rainy -- seriously, my heart starts pounding a little faster just thinking about it! See you SOON! Wa-hoo!