Wednesday, May 16, 2012

tick tock

I’ve always been a lister (I may or may not have just made up my own word…take that Webster). My room is covered in post-it notes, my planner is chalked full of to-do lists, and my hand frequently has writing all over it. 

Accompanying this habit of listing is counting down. I don’t know why, but I love keeping track of how many days till…whatever I want. Someone once complained to me that this was a horrible way to live—that I could never live in the moment if I was always counting down to something. News flash to the pessimist: counting down is a great way to live! I love getting more and more excited about something, and anticipating an event as it draws closer. It’s the best. And then when the event is finally here, I enjoy it that much more. So there. 

Just in case you were wondering…

...110 days till I get married. Wow baby.
...58 Days till the beach. The best vacation in the world only comes every two years…this countdown starts the last day of the previous vacation. Pathetic? Maybe. Worth it? Totally.
...29 days till my sister Kate and cousin Madeleine come home from London. Oh how I’ve missed those two!!
...and 7 days till So You Think You Can Dance. Ah!!!!! The best show in the history of shows is in one week. SYTYCD is to summer as water is to pool; or chocolate chips are to cookies. It is a NECESSITY.

And just in case you were wondering something else…

I have the cutest dog in the world.


  1. AH! i miss the sophie puppy friend. and you! Wow lovin your countdowns. I've got that same list. :) Love you!

  2. When girls from our hall get engaged it makes me really happy!
    & you are hilarious & I love reading updates via the blog.