Tuesday, February 7, 2012


When walking to and from class I very often like to be one of those anti-social kids with headphones in and an Ipod turned up too loud to converse with anybody in passing. On other occasions, I choose to leave the headphones in my back pack and tune in to the conversations going on around me. And since its just in passing, I only hear snippets taken out of context that very often get me laughing out loud. Take this past week for example…I overheard a lot, but these were a few of my favorite lines:

“Alaska would be great because I’d be faaar away from her”

Roommate, professor? Guess I will never know!

“I was the best missionary EVER”

Hmmmm…this statement is a bit contradictory if you ask me

“St. Patrick’s day is on Saturday…that will be fun”

Why? Do people actually celebrate St. Patrick ’s Day?

“Cool Yo Yo skills, is that a Gengar?”

HA! If I’m not mistaken, a Gengar is a Pokemon.

“…So I heard Donald Trump is running for President!”

Clearly behind the times and not interested in politics.

Oh BYU, you are sooo entertaining. I wonder what bits and pieces of my conversations people are quoting...

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